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Axelrod Energy Services

THE Leader IN submetering & utility BILLING.

Axelrod Energy Services is a full service sub-metering company, providing customers with installation, meter reading and billing.  Our mission is to continuously deliver the highest value billing and utility management systems and services with clearly superior satisfaction for our clients and their customers.

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We provide services to the multifamily and commercial industries and create customized and flexible solutions no matter what our client's situation and unique requirements are. Our submetering solutions substantially reduce utility costs and help conserve natural resources.

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Customer Satisfaction Is our Priority! 

Our expert customer service allows your company to smoothly transition into sub-metering of all your utilities.  We have provided excellence in energy management systems since 1983.

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We are able to create customized and flexible solutions no matter what our client's situation and unique requirements are.

Our experienced customer support provides outstanding, courteous, and professional service.

For over 25 years, our submetering installations and services have substantially reduced utility costs for property owners and residents while helping conserve natural resources and our environment.

    Axelrod Energy Service puts customer service first. They answer questions from tenants and management quickly and effectively. We’ve worked with them for more than 20 years and will continue to work with them for years to come.

    -- Susan Johnson, Townhouse Apartments


    . . . for over 10 years and I have never had a problem with the company. The staff’s professional, courteous attitude, expert knowledge and patience in handling problems are outstanding. . . I don’t think you could find a better staff of employees.  Thank you!

    -- Thomasina Thomas, Classic Management


    Their customer service is second to none. Issues are addressed immediately. Any question regarding history of meter or tenant complaint is researched in a very reasonable time frame. . . We are extremely satisfied.

    -- Ms. A. Stewart, One Franklintown Boulevard Apartments


    We have been with Axelrod for over 6 years and are extremely satisfied with the service we receive. Friendly and courteous customer service and if there is ever a problem, it is handled timely and efficiently. A Five Star Company!

    -- Jessica Metzger, Mid-Atlantic Management Corp.


    Timely, accurate invoicing and great customer service. It’s a pleasure working with Axelrod Energy Services.

    -- Lenox Club Apartments


    Thank you for the incredible job you’re doing. . . you come through for me every month. When we are having problems with the meters, you are willing to come to Lenox Park and check it out personally.  I’m am so grateful, to have you guys a part of my team.

    -- Paul M. Ross, Lenox Park Luxury Apartments


    Your service is outstanding. You have customized our billing to meet our needs and have been able to make changes over the years with no problems. We are very happy working with you.

    -- Marion Naylor, Parker Condominium


    They have customized our monthly billing with no problems. They are always courteous and have been helpful and quick to respond.  We have been very happy with Axelrod Energy's ability to meet our particular requirements.

    -- M. Carroll, Westminster Arch Apartments


    Axelrod Energy epitomizes quality customer service.  The staff is courteous, friendly, cooperative and efficient.  They make my job much easier and it is a pleasure to work with them.

    -- Meg Kitchin, Mid-Atlantic Management Corp.


    Axelrod Energy's customer service is outstanding. They answer all customer concerns quickly and effectively.  I am very happy with their service and I would certainly recommend them.

    -- C. Willis, Woodward Properties